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  • SCADA HMI Software Solutions
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Interface & Migration Solutions:
    • GE iFix, Fix32, DMACs
    • Wonderware InTouch, Archestra
    • Eaton PanelMate,
    • Rockwell Panel Builder

Accu Energy

  • Three-phase Multifunction Power Meter
  • Multi-circuit Power & Energy Meters
  • Multifunctional DC Power Meters
  • Single-phase Multifunction Power Meters

KEPWare Technologies

  • OPC Communications Platform
  • Alarms & Events, Data logging
  • Industry Communications Suites
  • Oil and Gas, Building Automation, IT and Infrastructure, Power Distribution

EE Controls

  • Motor Controls:
  • Motor starters, Disconnects, Contractors
  • Industrial Controls:
  • Relays, Push Buttons, Circuit Breakers, Power supplies, Cams, Tower lights.

Ocean Systems: [Dream Reports]

  • Integrated reporting software solution for industrial automation.
  • Enterprise-wide Reporting, Data Logging & Analytics


  • HMI Displays/PLCs
  • Gateway & Protocol converters
  • Remote I/O Modules
  • Signal Conditioners
  • Port Multiplexers


  • Industrial, Commercial Ethernet and Communication Technologies
  • Redundant, Turbo Ring, Ethernet
  • Fiber Optic & Serial Products
  • Protocol Conversion
  • Industrial Firewall technology


  • Remote monitoring systems
  • Alarm Dialers (Cellular ,Phone, Satellite ,Web)
    SCADA products

KTS Wireless

  • Ruggedized/Weatherproof Radio
  • Narrow & Broadband Frequencies
  • FCC White Space Certified Radio
  • Ethernet/Serial/USB interfaces


  • 415,455,900 MHz,1.4,2.4 GHz
  • Serial, Ethernet and Cellular radios
  • Wireless I/O


  • Process Instrumentation
  • Flow Meters & Switches
  • Level Transmitters & Switches
  • Process Monitors
  • Cellular Flow and Level Monitoring


  • Compact DIN-Rail Fiber & Copper Patch Panels
  • DIN Rail Adapters
  • Industrial Grade Networking products


  • Compact DIN-Rail Fiber & Copper Patch Panels
  • DIN Rail Adapters
  • Industrial Grade Networking products

Siemens Building Technologies

  • Sensors, Thermostats, Controllers
  • Valves & Actuators
  • Damper Actuators
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Metering

Veris Industries

Current & Power /Energy Monitoring (CT,PT) Air Quality Sensors Flow:
BTU Meters
Water Leak Detection Sys Lighting Controls Relays, (RIB, Cube styles)
Pressure Xmtr. Temperature Sensor & Xmtr Wireless Sensors
Humidty Xmtr. Current Switches  

Tri Flo Tech

Orifice Plates Flanges & Fittings Tubes
Valves Meters Eductors
Pitot Tube Venturi HVAC Balancing Valves Nozzles
Grounding Rings Single & Dual Chamber Fitting Meters ASME Flow tubes and Manifolds


  • Pure-IP access control Solution
  • Open IP system conversion for Legacy panel based Access Control systems.
  • Enterprise wide Access Control solutions.

Dwyer Instruments

  • Temperature, Humidity, & Air Velocity
  • Pressure, Level, Flow and recorders
  • Valves, Process Control
  • Air Quality & Test Equipment

Sycom Surge Control

Surge Arresters TVSS/SPD  
Coax Protection Main Panelboard Protection Hardwired 120VAC
Telecom Utility Meter Socket

ValTorc International

  • Commercial, Industrial and Municipal Control Valves
  • Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, V-Port Ball Valves, High Performance Ball Valves, Industrial Butterfly Valves
  • Actuators: Pneumatic and Electric

VIPA Controls America


  • Industrial Drive Systems
  • Pumping Solutions (IQ Pump)
  • Medium Voltage Drive solutions


  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Siemens Compatible Processors & I/O
  • Profinet Connectors and Accessories


  • Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC)
  • Protocol Converters/ Gateway
  • Industrial Firewall/Security Appliance
  • Rockwell MicroLogix, SLC 5x, PLC-X Logic import and upgrades.

Schneider Electric:
Eurotherm\Foxboro\Wonderware\Invensys\ Square D\Modicon

  • Integrated PAC/Redundant DCS Solutions
  • Power Controllers & Solid State Relays
  • HMI/SCADA\Operations Management Software
  • Programmable Logic Controllers


  • HMI/SCADA/Visualization
  • Programmable Logic Controllers/PACs
  • Industrial ,Motor Controls & Drive Systems
  • Process Instrumentation
  • Analytical Instrumentation
  • Smart Grid, Protection Relays


  • Programmable RTU’s/PLC’s
  • Remote I/O Modules
  • 900 mHZ, 2.4Ghz, Ethernet, GSM/Cellular Wireless and Leased Line Modems
  • Cellular Telemety
  • Alarm Dialers (Cellular ,Phone, Satellite ,Web)

M2M Technologies

  • CDMA and GMS based Cellular Telemetry
  • Wireless and Cellular SCADA Solutions
  • Process Automation
  • Drive Systems