Central Plant Automation

Central Utility Plants are the heart of most Manufacturing facilities, Office Parks, Educational Campuses, Hospitals, Sport Complexes, etc.

Plant Optimization and the Control strategies associated with them begin at the onset of equipment selection. We advocate that Energy management be a key element in the design process. Select equipment not on the initial cost but the lowest kW/Ton or kW/SCFM,etc. The Selection of Pumping Systems should be optimized for the use of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

Our approach encompasses integrated enterprise operations from a single Air/Fuel ratio controller to system wide fault tolerant distributed control system (DCS). The integration of operational data from sub systems allow for optimized processes. The Sub-Systems such as Building Management Systems, Boilers, Chillers, Compressors and Generators, etc. can be integrated into a system wide optimization scheme. The complete system allows for a platform for enhancing system performance and saving bottom line dollars.

      Plant-IQ has decades of experience in sector and has provided solutions for some of the most critical applications.

• Boilers

• Chillers

• Compressors

• Cooling Towers

• Co-Generation

• Pumping Systems