Industrial & Integrative HVAC

Leveraging our experience in the evolution of Building Automation Systems (BAS) from proprietary networks to Open LONworks and BACNet systems

HVAC can be an integral part of the manufacturing process and product quality. The impact on product quality can be significant and can effect energy costs, directly effecting plant profitability. Our Systems can range from the traditional Building Automation System (BAS) platforms to the use higher availability processors, redundancy and high resolution I/O coupled with Open Platform fieldbus’ such as Ethernet/IP, Modbus/TCP,BACNet MS/TP, BACNet/IP, etc., allows the systems to meet the most demanding Plant applications.

• Plant Pressurization

• Plant Optimization Platforms

• Demand Control and Temperature Setback

• Temperature & Humidity Control

• Enthalpy Optimization

• Interlocking plant subsystems with production

• Variable Speed Pumping

• Cooling Tower Enthalpy Optimization