Water/ Wastewater

One of our most critical resources is water, the essence of life. With decades of experience in this market space, Plant-IQ continues to drive innovation. We strive to deliver the most intelligent solution at the lowest levels of our clients systems, while keeping their costs low and value high.

Scalable IQ

Scalable-IQ was developed using open platform technology to support the needs of our smallest to largest municipal clients.

The ability to have a feature rich platform, while not taxing our clients’ limited budgets and resources, has created raving fans.

The Scalability also allows for it to serve the most demanding process applications requiring features such as redundant communications, multiple concurrent protocols and large I/O counts using distributed processing.

Our technology focus is on delivering an easy to use, highly secure and globally accessible platform, which drives system performance and intelligence, while easing operations personnel headaches.

Scalable-IQ supports the Industry’s most Open Standards communications protocols.

The processor communications includes communications interfaces for protocols such as, Modbus, Modbus TCP, DNP3,DNP3/IP,DF1,Ethernet/IP,BACNET MS/TP, BACNET/IP.

Ask us how we can help design a solution that provides the most flexibility and scalability available today.